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Powerful features for a faster
and more optimized workflow

  • Log issues in Jira Core, or even requests in Jira Service Desk
    No need to enter a password, just sign into Jira and Snap to Jira is ready to be used.
  • Take screenshots of webpages directly from the extension
    You can capture the full visible content of the tab, or just a crop of it.
  • Built-in and simple to use screenshot editor
    Highlight an area of the screenshot, point and annotate in few clicks.
  • Speed up issue creation with bug templates
    Save and re-use bug templates to speed up your bug-logging workflow. You can even export them for colleagues or clients.
  • Re-order issue fields
    If Jira presents fields in an order that doesn't suit you, re-order them and Snap to Jira will automatically save your preferences.

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